When Catholic Bishops Act Like CEOs

According to the National Catholic Reporter, New Jersey’s Catholic bishops have weighed in “on a growing concern over a new health insurance plan introduced by the state’s largest insurer.”

The full story is available here.

Of course, what’s fascinating about this story is that the Bishops are weighing in on a business issue and seeking the help of the courts to advance their claim that they’re somehow being discriminated against.  They claim they are religious leaders when it suits them but they act like businessmen when an adverse business decision threatens their bottom line.

According to the article, the Catholic Health Care Partnership is a statewide coalition established by the leaders of Catholic health systems “to advance their ministry and mission” and members of the partnership are specifically claiming that they are facing discrimination against Catholics by Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey.

What is missing from the discussion is any mention that Catholic hospitals actually provide less charity care than other nonprofit hospitals and actively discriminate against the rights of patients who want access to legal, medically appropriate medical services, including tubal ligations.

Just this month, in California, the American Civil Liberties Union has threatened to sue if a local Catholic hospital continues to deny tubal ligations in violation of California state law.

I hope journalists will keep an eye on both New Jersey and California as these cases unfold.





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One thought on “When Catholic Bishops Act Like CEOs

  1. madagascanlemur

    WHY WHY WHY aren’t the appropriate Federal regulatory authorities investigating this sh*t? Let’s start with the IRS and withdraw the tax exemption from EVERY Catholic medical “ministry” [for a start]. If the bishops want to act like big business, we should treat them exactly like the dishonorable CEOs that they’ve become. I’m sure that the USCCB will take notice if they have to pay all the back taxes they owe.


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