UW Medical Students, Grad Students Question PeaceHealth Partnership

More than a thousand UW medical students and other grad students are questioning how the University of Washington’s deepening relationship with PeaceHealth will affect medical training and clinical services over time.

PeaceHealth is a Catholic health care ministry that requires its physicians and other staff to follow the Ethical and Religious Directives for Catholic Health Care (ERDs).  The students have asked UW officials to clarify the terms of its agreement with PeaceHealth and to ensure that UW students and staff are never subject to the ERDs.

The students’ letter says  “….we are concerned that PeaceHealth’s involvement in WWAMI (the UW’s five-state training area) programs and activities will limit teaching and provision of comprehensive reproductive health care, including contraception services, abortion care, pregnancy options counseling and end-of-life care, including Death with Dignity discussions and options.” 

You can read more about the issues raised by UW students in this article by Seattle Times reporter Carol Ostrom.

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One thought on “UW Medical Students, Grad Students Question PeaceHealth Partnership

  1. kac

    The requests for information by the UW medical personnel who will be rotating through PH and PH affiliated facilities is entirely reasonable. Aside from the troubling fact of the “affiliation” (or whatever it’s being touted as now) between the UW and a theocratic health care entity occurred in the first place, the relevant data impacting health care training should have been made public and evaluated prior to the event. The dissembling from the UW in response to the request is troubling as it suggests there is “something to hide”.


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