The Nation: Catholic Hospitals Deny Patients Death with Dignity

The Nation recently posted important new article on Death with Dignity and how Catholic health care ministries are denying terminally ill patients information and referrals for help.  Quoted are physicians from Oregon and Washington, including a physician who currently works at PeaceHealth.

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2 thoughts on “The Nation: Catholic Hospitals Deny Patients Death with Dignity

  1. Linda McCarthy

    This is appalling! My own mother chose to quit treatment for renal cancer when a “pro-life” Catholic doctor told her he would not honor her advanced directives. “This is my facility …” he said after she experienced a complication following surgery, prompting my sister to remove her from the facility. She recovered but subsequently needed to us that same facility again a year later and because of his forcing his religious views on his patients, she declined a life-saving surgery and died shortly thereafter. It still enrages me today, 25 years later! It is sickening that little has changed. Thank you, Monica, for shining light and bringing heat to this important issue. After all, the only true thing in life is that we are all born to die … the question is will that death be with dignity or as the Catholic doctrine mandates, with “redemptive suffering”!

  2. Howard Pellett

    We absolutely must refuse to fund religious control of our hospitals. Where there has been Catholic control, the tax paying citizens have lost on services that are legal under the law, but objected to by the Catholic church.


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