Seattle Times: Washington Doesn’t Value Women’s Health Care Enough

Seattle Times editorial columnist Thanh Tan has written an important op-ed about the vulnerable state of women’s health care in Washington State.  Across the state, too few people understand that women are being denied appropriate care, even while actively miscarrying.

As Tan writes:

“The American Civil Liberties Union of Washington has documented situations where women suffering miscarriages or nonviable pregnancies were denied abortions or the care was delayed.

“I get why Catholic-run hospitals are opposed to terminating pregnancies. However, when publicly owned hospitals run by Catholic organizations or a community’s only hospital refuse to provide or refer for a legal procedure, that crosses a line.”

Tan also calls on public hospital districts to comply with Washington’s Reproductive Privacy Act.

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One thought on “Seattle Times: Washington Doesn’t Value Women’s Health Care Enough

  1. KAC

    Since PeaceHealth is the sole hospital system in Whatcom County and since it receives public funds, the ACLU lawsuit could reasonably include that entity, as well. It’s seemingly a logical contradiction to use public funds to use public funds to support a private entity that does not deliver medically appropriate (and legal) healthcare to its patients.

    Granted, the State gave an “opt-out” to Catholic entities for abortions and end-of-life issues, but that move – while perhaps politically expedient – deprived significant numbers of patients of needed services. Now that the precedent has been set that these healthcare providers are “exempt” in those two areas, PH has taken the next (theo)logical step by banning practitioners from providing medical cannabis. What’s next?


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