PeaceHealth and Providence Join Forces

PeaceHealth and Providence have announced they’ve signed a letter of intent “to jointly develop innovative ways to provide health and wellness services in communities they serve.”

The is the first major move by new PeaceHealth CEO Liz Dunne, who joined PeaceHealth from Providence.  Regulators have not yet weighed in, so it’s unknown whether the joint initiatives will face regulatory and/or anti-trust scrutiny.

“As Catholic health care organizations with similar heritages, Providence and PeaceHealth are uniquely suited to succeed together in collaborative ventures like this.”–service-announce-plans-to-work-jointly-on-health-initiatives.html.csp

Providence is the third largest nonprofit health system in the country.

According to the press release, “Providence and PeaceHealth will continue to work together to further define their collaborative efforts.”

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One thought on “PeaceHealth and Providence Join Forces

  1. KAC

    The linked article was singularly uninformative. It was little more than an infomercial.

    The public “clamor” for affiliation of two theo-medical mega-systems must have been a highly covert one, since it’s evidently not previously garnered media notice in the Pacific Northwest or elsewhere. Nonetheless, the gushing promises to influence healthcare cited by the effusive and eboulliant CEOs and other corporate cheerleaders (evidently eclipsing the enthusiasm of the masses who stand to benefit from this altruistic conglomerate) will surely happen: no more abortions, denial of “death with dignity” legislation, interfering with medical practitioners’ ability to use medical marijuana…these are surely to be only a few of the benefits waiting for the eager patient.


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