From Crosscut:  Why is Washington Paying Catholic Hospitals To Take Away Care? – January, 2014

Are We Paying Catholic Hospitals to From the Seattle Times:  Is Catholic Church Taking Over Health Care in Washington? – May, 2013

From the Seattle Times: It’s Time to Reexamine the Role of Faith in Health Care Delivery – February, 2012

From the New York Times:  Growth of Catholic Hospitals May Limit Access to Reproductive Care  – February, 2012

From Seattle’s The Stranger:  Faith Healers – February, 2013

From The Columbian:  ACLU Says Faith-Based Hospitals Jeopardize Reproductive, End-of-Life Care – March, 2013

From the Seattle Times: Hospitals’ Proposed Affiliations with Catholic Systems Opposed – April, 2013

From the New York Times:  Hospital Mergers Reset Abortion Access Battle – May, 2013

From ProPublica: Catholic Hospitals Grow and With Them Questions of Care – Octobber, 2013

From Mother Jones:  Do Bishops Control Your Health Care? – October, 2013; and Catholic Hospitals Don’t Do Much for the Poor, December 2013

Other Links and Resources

How Catholic Health Care Compromises Women’s Health – read excerpts on blog post and access complete report from National Health Law Program

American Civil Liberties Union – ACLU has several documents/resources available on religion/healthcare issues in Washington State, which has highest concentration of Catholic controlled health care

MergerWatch – has been tracking issues related to religiously-affiliated hospitals since 1996; they provide support and expertise to communities who may be affected

Map that shows Catholic-controlled health system presence by state in the U.S.  Note that this map is already out of date as the ACLU estimates the percentage in WA will be 44% when all proposed/pending deals go through.

Compassion & Choices – org that helps terminal patients as they make decisions about end-of-life care

Catholics for Choice: Strong voice representing the majority view of American Catholics that men and women have the right to make decisions about their own reproductive lives.

Family Planning Advocates – Group of advocates organized back in 1977, whose purpose was to defend reproductive rights in NY state.  They’ve since become a great resource for people who care about gender equity in health care.

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