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Time to Stop Funding Catholic Health Care – Op-Ed from the San Juan Journal

Should Taxpayers Be Required to Fund Muslim Health Care?

What Employers Need to Know about Catholic Health Care

Background on San Juan Island case and request for AG opinion

Providence Acquisition of Seattle’s Swedish Medical: The Playbook Deconstructed

WA Supreme Court to Decide if Catholic Health Ministries Subject to Antidiscrimination Laws

The Bishops’ Guide to Letting a Woman Die

Why Did the Board of Swedish Authorize an $810 Million Gift to the Catholic Church?



2 thoughts on “key posts

  1. Linda

    I heard that Catholic Money was behind th Religous Freedom Act in Indiana and other states, do you know if this is true? How can we fight this building up of discrimination by Catholic Hierarcy which discriminates against women and LGBT community and yet, allows for and hides pedophiles?

    1. catholicwatcher Post author

      Hi Linda,

      The Catholic bishops are very clear that they want to use the framework of Religious Liberty to discriminate against people based on sexual orientation, or actvities that conflict with Church doctrine. The most important thing is to shine a light on what’s happening. Here’s a link to a statement by the Catholic bishops back in 2012 that they would be using religious liberty as a rallying cry for action – and that action includes discriminating against gay people and restricting access to reproductive health services.


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