Dignity Health Faces Lawsuit Over Refusal to Perform Tubal Ligations

The Fresno Bee reports that Dignity Health, a Catholic health care ministry, is facing a lawsuit over its refusal to provide contraceptive surgeries.

According to the article, the American Civil Liberties Union has written a letter stating that “Refusing to allow doctors to perform postpartum tubal ligations denies patients pregnancy-related care, and as such, constitutes sexual discrimination.”

The ACLU is threatening to sue if the hospital doesn’t act by Wednesday.

For more, read the original article here.

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One thought on “Dignity Health Faces Lawsuit Over Refusal to Perform Tubal Ligations

  1. KAC

    The paradox is this: Carholic hospitals abide by idiosyncratic practice standards (relative, that is, to accepted medical practice, at least when data-driven medical procedures conflict with theological standards), yet the
    hospitals take public funds while denying full medical care. Not to be overlooked, obtaining such care from another facility is sometimes impossible, oftentimes inconvenient and potentially it incurs added expenses which may be “non-covered” due to timing or “put-of-network” provider restrictions.


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