The Catholic Bishops and Your Health Care: Tulsa Public Radio Interviews Monica Harrington

MonicaH profileTulsa Public Radio general manager Rich Fisher recently interviewed CatholicWatch founder Monica Harrington about the intersection of religion and health care, and especially how Catholic bishops are imposing their “moral authority” over taxpayer-financed health care.

From the Tulsa Public Radio overview:

“From pharmacists who refuse to dispense Plan B drugs (which prevent ovulation) to legislation designed to limit a patient’s end-of-life or euthanasia options, there’s no shortage of controversial topics in America today when it comes to religion/morality overlapping with science/medicine. On this edition of ST, we discuss such a topic as we confront certain practices of some Catholic hospitals. Our guess is Monica Harrington, an ardent critic of such hospitals who thinks they are unfairly — and illegally — imposing their moral values upon their patients (and are doing so in institutions that, while private, are also heavily financed with taxpayer dollars).”

You can read more and listen to the audio recording through this link:  Tulsa Public Radio Interview with Monica Harrington

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2 thoughts on “The Catholic Bishops and Your Health Care: Tulsa Public Radio Interviews Monica Harrington

  1. PDXPat

    Why do none of the sites opposing the Catholic takeover of health care emphasize that the Catholic Church is an exclusively male-governed religion?

    This should be the first point made and made most often. It is exactly equivalent to the KKK running tax exempt public health systems and having non-white patients having to abide by their “moral directives”.

    Any organization run by only men should have no say whatsoever in what women do with their own personal, private bodies.

    Of course men would say that nothing should interfere with non-men producing more men and more involuntary male producers. Not rape by men, not the health of non-men, not the lives of non-men – nothing should stop a non-man being forced into reproduction, because only men are human. Thus the “sanctity of human life” justification for murdering a woman in order to harvest a male or an involuntary male-producer from her worthless husk.


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