Video: Is Your Health Care Subject to the Bishops’ Rules?

In this new video edition of Moral Politics, Dr. Valerie Tarico and I discuss the expansion of Catholic health care and the implications for medical training and health care access when three Catholic bishops control health care policy and employment for almost half of Washington State.

Below is the programming guide to this 28-minute episode, which will premiere on cable/satellite television on February 28:

Is Your Health Care Subject to “The Bishops’ Rules”? 

Today, three Catholic bishops oversee almost half the medical care in Washington State.  The Bishops’ Rules forbid contraception, abortion, participation with Death with Dignity, and any treatments developed through embryonic stem cell research.  
The University of Washington is helping to fuel the expansion of bishop-controlled health care, and the WA Supreme Court just gave the bishops free rein to fire gay physicians and nurses.
Join guest Monica Harrington, of, and host Dr. Valerie Tarico for a discussion of publicly-financed Catholic health care and why its growth endangers your health and your rights.
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