The Catholic Bishops, Health Care and You – Q&A with Monica Harrington

Should the Catholic bishops have the right to make “moral” decisions about your health care?  Watch the 30-minute video to see what’s at stake.


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5 thoughts on “The Catholic Bishops, Health Care and You – Q&A with Monica Harrington

  1. Frances

    Outstanding overview of the issues at hand, Monica and Valerie. Thank you for doing this. I especially appreciated your thorough treatment of the many different areas the ERDs affect patient care and choice. Abortion always comes to mind and is extremely important. Equally important, though, and more likely to affect literally ALL of us are end-of-life issues. This does not just mean Prop 1000/Death with Dignity which was overwhelming approved by WA voters. The fact that all of our advance directives can be ignored IF THEY CONFLICT WITH CATHOLIC DOCTRINE is something that should not just concern, but genuinely frighten everyone in the state.
    How can we get this interview to a wider audience? Intelligent people I know claim to know nothing about this issue and how imminent our loss of choice in healthcare is. This needs to be a truly statewide discussion. Again, thank you for all you have done to educate us.

  2. Suzanne

    Thank you Monica and Valerie for bringing clarity to the growing dangers of Catholic policy dictating procedures in hospitals, especially those in WA state. I will follow through with letters to Gov Inslee and AG Bob Ferguson as suggested, and will disseminate this information to as many people as I know as so many people are not aware of this Catholic invasion of patient rights. Thank you for your excellent interview.

  3. Claudia Romsos

    Monica Harrington spoke in Kennewick, WA on May 30th. Since then it has become known that Kadlec Regional Health Center (Richland) has committed to joining the Providence Hospital Group. They are assuring their board and employees that the Bishops Religious Directives will NOT apply to this coalition.

    Can you comment?

    Claudia Romsos

    1. catholicwatcher Post author

      Providence employees are required to follow the Ethical and Religious Directives for Catholic Health Care. Do not believe the assurances. We’ve seen after time that the ERDs are enforced once “affiliations” (which often turn into mergers and/or acquisitions) become complete. As an example, in the case of Swedish, which was acquired by Providence, the community was assured that the ERDs would not be enforced, and yet the first thing Swedish did even before completing the deal did was change the rules for when abortions could be done. They’ve since changed them again to be even more restrictive. And this used to be the place where women with high-risk pregnancies knew that their rights would be fully protected. The bottom line: I’ve yet to see legally binding contract language to ensure the ERDs won’t be enforced; assurances from Providence related to ERD enforcement mean nothing because they’ve already demonstrated they will simply change things once the deal is complete.


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