ProPublica Examines Growing Crisis in WA State

Today, reporter Nina Martin and ProPublica posted the following article, which examines the growing control Catholic bishops have over Washington State’s publicly supported health care system.

As Martin reports:

“The cultural divide between the region’s residents (Seattle recently edged out San Francisco as the area with the largest proportion of gay couples) and the Catholic Church (whose local archbishop led the effort against marriage equality and is overseeing a Vatican crackdown on independent-minded American nuns) couldn’t be wider. And yet more and more hospitals there — sustained by taxpayers, funded by Medicare, Medicaid, and other government subsidies — could be bound by church restrictions…”

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3 thoughts on “ProPublica Examines Growing Crisis in WA State

  1. Dr. Paul Gutowski

    Any attempt to impose a religious doctrine within a facility or service receiving taxpayer money is unconstitutional. If a religious organization wishes to provide medical care congruent with their doctrine they are free to establish a privately funded facility.

  2. KAC

    ProPublica does a good job with investigative journalism and this is another example of their excellent work. Regrettably, the influence of sources such as this on the voting public is negligible.

    There seems to be, from my perspective, an alarming gulf between objective reality and the ideologically tainted positions taken by many “conservative” (euphemism for radical reactionary) American citizens. This is evident not only in the continued efforts to admix church and state but also in such things as climate change and evolutionary biology denial. I concluded a long time ago that Winston Churchill’s apothegm is spot-on: “The best argument against democracy is a five minute conversation with the average voter” The ProPublica article proves the point.


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