Past Chair of UW Family Medicine on the Dangers of Catholic Health Care

John Geyman, MD, Professor Emeritus of Family Medicine at the University of Washington School of Medicine in Seattle explains how the expansion of Catholic health care endangers women and restricts access to reproductive and end-of-life services.  You can read his post here.

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One thought on “Past Chair of UW Family Medicine on the Dangers of Catholic Health Care

  1. KAC

    Even allowing for the requisite skepticism and cynicism required when contemplating US politics, it’s almost unfathomable to consider the Constitutional, ethical and legal implications surrounding public policy and Catholic health “care”:
    1) Using public funds to support a self-acknowledged religious “mission”: unconstitutional.
    2) Allowing women to be subjected to sub-standard healthcare practices justified only by religious dogma: unethical.
    3) Legal implications of physicians (and hospital corporate entities) disobeying the mandate to deliver best-practice medical care as determined by scientifically validated standards: begging for lawsuits by injured parties.

    Of course, the disequilibrium between opportunistic self-interest as evidenced by politicians of both parties – this being tilted away from the public interest by the potential for both campaign contributions and voter mobilization by the Church – is understandable. So is the lack of political will to engage the financial and political juggernaut of the Church.

    Acknowledging the obvious, it’s now up to the general public or private interests to act: public indifference and pre-occupation with the more mundane aspects of life militate against the former, leaving only the courts to solve the dilemma and then only if physicians, such as Dr. Geyman and a cadre of “activists” form a vanguard.


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