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2 thoughts on “New CrossCut Post: Why is Washington Paying Catholic Hospitals To Take Away Healthcare?

  1. Olinda Corin

    Hello Monica Harrington, Just read your report and we are SO glad that you are doing such and good and important job, —-all against such an imposing structure which seems to have no empathy or common sense. Please know that we stand with you, and try to keep aware of the potential suffering because of their policies.
    It’s OUR tax-payers money which should be used for an open society. Gordon and Olinda Corin of Olympia

    1. Sherman Hu

      Hi Olinda,

      I agree with you, and also grateful to all the good works that Monica has done for our society.

      2014 is an action year, legislature is needed to end “faith-based” initiatives, and to end public funding to religious healthcare organizations.


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