Dear CatholicWatch: How Should I Address a Catholic Bishop?

With all this talk about Catholic bishops, the question comes up: “What do I do if I see or meet one?  How should one address a Catholic bishop?”

CatholicWatcher has decided not to reveal how she greets a bishop, but she does want to share how bishops expect to be greeted.  In true Internet fashion, the advice comes courtesy not of Emily Post or even Dear Prudence, but of wikiHOW:

During a formal introduction, a Bishop should be introduced as “His Most Reverend Excellency, (First and Last Name), Bishop of (Location).”  

He should be directly addressed as “Your Excellency” – or, on paper, as “His Excellency, The Most Reverend (First Name and Last Name), Bishop of (Location)”.  Note that you should stand when he enters a room (until he invites you to sit) and again when he leaves it.  

Remove your hat in his presence, and you may kiss the sacred ring during both the greeting and the closing.  If he is your own Bishop, you may kneel when kissing the ring (though bowing at the waist is also acceptable) however, do not do either if the Pope is present.

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