ACLU Files Suit Against Catholic Bishops

The ACLU filed suit Friday against the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops for their role in the shoddy treatment a pregnant woman received in a Catholic hospital in Michigan State.

It’s a landmark case, pitting the medical needs and rights of patients againt the assertion by the Catholic bishops that they have the right to impose religious-based rules that cause doctors to violate professional ethics and standards of care.

Here in Washington State, the ACLU is gathering evidence in cases where patients have been denied appropriate medical care because of the Catholic bishops Ethical and Religious Directives for Catholic Health Care.

When three men claim the right to impose their rules on half the state, it’s a crisis, and that’s exactly what’s happening here in Washington State.  Washington has three bishops, and according to Catholic dogma, these bishops have the right to impose their rules on all Catholic health care ministries.  And they’re doing it.

Very recently, a woman in Washington suffered at the hands of the Catholic bishops in circumstances that are eerily similar to the case brought in Michigan.  The Catholic bishops have her blood on their hands.

Physicians and patients are both starting to understand the very real implications of turning control of half our medical system over to religious extremists.   Look for more cases to come.  The second wave of  abuse claims by victims of the Catholic Church will come not from children who were abused sexually but from patients who suffered needlessly through the handiwork of the Catholic bishops.

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6 thoughts on “ACLU Files Suit Against Catholic Bishops

  1. T Friedland

    I am a retired surgeon that practiced in a Catholic hospital in Bellingham WA. A number of years ago I scheduled an involved renal vascular surgery on a divorced 40 year old female who had 6 children. She asked why couldn’t I tie here tubes while I was there.
    I schedualed her for 8AM surgery but did not put tubal ligation on the op permit. I knew that she would be sent to the OR about 7:45 so at that time I called the floor and asked them to put bilateral ligation on the permit. Wow! Things happened fast. A nun was summoned in her pajamas to “council” the patient who then signed for the ligations.
    It sounds like now that the hospital would no longer be able to do that.

  2. Sherman Hu

    Wonderful, I totally support ACLU’s action. As a taxpayer, I don’t like to see the public funding sources go to Catholic, Christian religious organizations.

  3. marie cisneros

    While what happened to Ms. Means at Mercy Hospital here in Muskegon was horrendous, I am glad to see that this issue is making the mainstream media.

    I live in the community where this hospital is located. Virtually every medical facility in this town has been taken over by the Trinity Health System and we have no recourse but to go there for our health care unless we can travel an hour away to a secular facility.

    I worked at the hospital in question before the merger and was saddened to see it being taken over by this conglomerate whose real agenda is not well understood by the patients who have to go to them for their health care.

  4. Ivar Husa

    We need to withhold all funding from government sources to substandard hospitals, such as those run by Catholic ‘charities’. They need to go into receivership and come out under new management.


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